Le Petit Jardin vol. II

Salut from scorching hot Mazamet!  As the mercury climbs all the way up to the thirties, certain things get rather difficult to bear – such as maintaining a healthy work/life balance, any type of cooking what so ever… and pants.  Taking care of even the tiniest of gardens, too, changes from a simple pleasure to something akin to torture under the merciless blaze of our nearest star.  Even the poor dog is tired, but joins me regardless on my daily rounds of watering and weeding.  It can be hard work, especially for a townie like me, but each time a nail brakes or when I am slugging my two watering cans back to the patch from our back kitchen, our nearest water point, I feel a certain satisfaction examining this little patch of un-barrenness in bloom.

A month or so ago I planted wisteria with my mother as well as two different types of grapes to slowly start training them up the cast iron framework covering most of the footprint of this little yard, adding shade to our small oasis, and keeping us cool on summers to come.  She is one of those people who can make anything grow, my mother, and she doesn’t mind sharing her green thumbs either.  It was on her urging we got around sorting out the space and thus managed to restore some order to the garden that was left to grow wild when we departed to England last October.  On her orders I was spreading fresh compost, clearing out space for new plants as well as tidying up the roses while she was potting up a bit of dill, runner beans, Aeschynanthus, Geraniums and other stunning summer blooms.

It is also courteous to mention the upheaval of this wee garden of ours would have not been possible without a bit of grunt – in the form of my darling husband James, who did not only endure hot afternoons queuing up at the local déchèterie and endless tours around garden centres with mother in law in tow, but also upcycled an old pallet into a charming vertical strawberry planter.  And the honourable mention, with all my love, goes to my amazing neighbour, the owner of the most beautiful kitchen garden AND a flower garden in Mazamet.  She donated spare seedlings of tomatoes that are already bearing fruit and smelling gorgeous in the warm evening air.

Looks like this is all folks, for now.  Until I find motivation to edit the photos of the next face of my spare room project.  The post will be about using a chemical paint stripper and re-finishing wood.  Stay tuned and au revoir!