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tales from the gripped

Happy Spooktober guys!

Look, I get it, this is merrie old England and I should leave Halloween for those pesky Yankees, but hear me out:

It’s also 2020

The world is in the toilet and everything is super scary.  And not that funny Halloween-scary: scary-scary.

My generation has muddled through recession after recession before we were old enough to buy our own fags, worried sick over climate change and/or World War III, not to mention cyberbullying, the rise of insufferable baby/dog names as well as how to afford our daily avocado on sourdough toast – if we want to carve a bloody pumpkin we should bloody well be allowed to do so without snickering from the boys in the back. 

There’s a bit of a global pandemic going on, maybe we should do more of the things that make us happy, eh?

So in case you wondered, I just finished carving my very first pumpkin and it was bloody lovely.  James got it from Tesco’s, along with some suitably autumnal flowers.  It’s great to have a bit of colour in the house.  Unfortunately, with the recent storms we have had, the summer seems to have skipped straight to winter and the autumn leaves we could have otherwise enjoyed here were largely swept away by the winds when they were still green.  I have bought some wee skeletons too, from a local shop called the Curious Mr. Fogg – most of their stock comes from Mexico, making them technically Día de Muertos-decorations, but maybe as an actual European peasant I’m allowed to mix my holidays.

Here’s the deal:  I’ve struggled with anxiety most of my adult life, but it has never stopped me from living life to the fullest.  Before the Covid-19 crisis, that is.  I am one of the lucky ones, with a job that I love and wonderful family and friends who support me, but it’s still pretty rough sometimes.  These little silly things, like carving pumpkins and decorating for Halloween, in all their simplicity, make me forget how bloody scary it all is just now.  It’s a distraction, for sure, but can you blame me from wanting to be distracted right now?

So yeah, let’s (zoom) party like it’s 2020, baby.  Buy that big-ass pumpkin.  Eat Weetos chocolate hoops for lunch – that’s basically self-care anyway.  If you’re lucky you may end up making someone else’s day by accident.  We live on a pretty busy road just off the High Street and get a fair few people passing our house each day.  Honestly, the faces of little kids when they spot my Jack-O-Lantern are just something else.  Happiness collateral.

Also, pumpkin soup. I made the innards of my pumpkin into soup. #adulting, much.

Until next time,

Tiina x

P.S. When you do carve that silly pumpkin as instructed by your favourite influencer… or me, post it on Instagram and tag me on it @cheznous21 – let’s spread a bit of silly joy this spooky season.